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Take the Bait

"And you ‘just wanted to see how it works’? While you were babysitting our kids?!" Mr. K glared down at her while his wife smirked derisively.

"So, how do you like it now, slut? Had enough?"

"Yes! Yes, please! Make it stop!" Tiffany begged. 

"No, I don’t think so…" He turned to his wife.

"Honey, let’s put the clamps on her cute little nipples. That will distract her…for a bit. And we don’t want our sweet Madison and Dexter to hear their whore babysitter’s screams, right?  So let’s gag her too—"

"What! No! Please, please—I’m so sorry! Please let me go!" Tiffany sobbed.

"You were saying, dear?" Mrs. K. trilled, clamps and ball gag in hand. She was  so loving this!

"Because I’m turning that vibe to ‘high’! And then we’re going to watch our new fucktoy dance!"

Tiffany was trembling, and crying.  And cumming and cumming. It was shameful, but she couldn’t stop. The ball gag was roughly secured and soon just her muffled whimpers and screams filled the room. She was beside herself now, the bite of the clamps competing with the fire in her spasming cunt. And from the hard slaps Mrs. K made to her face and breasts.

"You look so pretty when you cry, little girl. We like that, don’t we, honey?" said Mrs. K as she poured herself a glass of red wine and removed her dress, sitting close to her naked husband on their leather couch. 

"What a delicious show we have tonight, honey," he answered, as he began kissing his wife’s neck, Tiffany’s struggle making his cock so so hard. He liked knowing she could see it, could guess where he’d be putting it tonight. But she’d be wrong…

"And by the way," Mrs. K was saying, "You’re not getting paid tonight or any other night. Think of this as our free sex slave training lessons. You’re so very welcome, Tiffi, dear. I’m sure it will make you an even better babysitter. And don’t even think of telling your parents about tonight unless you want them to see the video we have of you fucking yourself on our bed with our sex toys…"

This was all a crazy bad dream…like a porno!, thought Tiffany, her mind racing.I should have never listened to that damn Lani when she told me she found all that sex stuff in their bedroom…

One hour prior:

Lani: So, are those brats finally sleeping?

Tiffany: Yeah, you know them, out cold.

Lani: So…did you take a look at it?

Tiffany: What? 

Lani: You know! Their sex toy collection!

Tiffany (laughing): Damn, now I have to. In the nightstand drawer?

Lani: Yeah, on the right. 

She tiptoed in the master bedroom and closed the door halfway. Then she sat on the bed and opened the drawer slowly.

Tiffany: Holy shit, Lani, you weren’t kidding!

Lani: I know, huh. What’s all that stuff for, anyway? The K’s are real perverts!

Tiffany: And that Hitachi-it’s huge!

Lani: My sister said it’s the best. You’ll cum so fast and hard. And squirt! You should try it!

Tiffany: Are you crazy? Right now? No way!

Lani:  C’mon! They’ll never know. You know you want to…

Tiffany: Mmmm…it would be even better if sexy Mr. K was using that thing on me…

Lani: Oh hell, yeah! Teasing you…

Tiffany: After he tied me down to the bed first! 

Lani: Do it! I dare you! (giggling)

"Okay, I will!" Tiffany answered breathlessly, and Lani could hear her plug in the chord then climb back onto the bed.

"Naughty girl!" laughed Lani, hearing the telltale buzz and imagining Tiffany laying back on the bed slowly, still in her school uniform, lifting her plaid skirt, then turning on the vibe, her eyes wide as she feels the first vibrations, then closing slowly as she gives into the amazing feeling…

Meanwhile, just down the street…

"She took the bait!" Lani whispered excitedly to Mr. and Mrs. K.

"Good girl, Lani! We knew we could count on you…" Mrs. K’s soft hands were cupping her breasts and teasing her hard nipples as Mr. K. was busy stroking Lani beneath her white school panties.

Helping to blackmail and seduce Tiffany was making Lani so damn hot! Mr. K pushed two big fingers in her slick pussy as he kissed her hard, bringing her right to the edge, then stopping too soon, holding his wet fingers for his wife to lick, as Lani whimpered in frustration.

"Now, Lani. You know we gotta get home, sweet fucktoy! Thanks for doing this. Give us about a half hour head start, then come on in to the bedroom for your reward!" Mr. K growled in her ear, ending with yummy nibble on her neck.

"Yes, sir!" Lani sighed, eyes bright with anticipation.

Getting caught playing with Mr. and Mrs. K’s sex toy stash last month had turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her…

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